Magic is a lifestyle! ✨ Mary Neshamah Rowe is an Arkansas native sparking a worldwide movement! A classically trained vocalist, she brings her ethereal operatic sound to her unique brand of hip hop. Enchanted in childhood by her older sister’s Sailor Moon VHS collection, she took the Japanese term “Mahou Shoujo” (“Magical Girl”) and customized it to represent Black Girl Magic in its purest form. Her 4th Self-Produced EP “Scared of My Shadow” will bring this bubbly genre-bending artist into perspective, with an unexpected peek into the darkest side of her life through the lense of her teenage journals. The world she has created turns introspective, but doesn’t skimp on the florid vocals, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and dreamy flow. Since stepping into the public eye in 2018, Afroshoujo has appeared in several local festivals, earning raving reviews. Her distinct voice has adorned runway shows for alternative fashion brands such as Hard Decora and Radical Visibility Collective. She has also written jingles for several local businesses.
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“Afroshoujo is the bedroom pop pixie from Arkansas. Her mosaic of feel-good femme frivoli needs not to be tied to a specific genre or sound.” -Wussy Magazine
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